Basement Finishing


Basement Finishing Experts Greater Toronto Area

BRC Contractors LTD. is a basement renovation contractor in Toronto, specializing in custom basement renovations with a focus on quality and service.  Basement finishing is a cost-effective and practical way to get much-needed additional space in your home. Whether you need the extra space for a home office, guest suite, children’s playroom, personal gym or game room, BRC Contractors LTD can help you create the room that is exactly as you envision.

When Is Basement Finishing Necessary?

By itself, a basement is a dark, damp, concrete room that is cold and inviting. Basement finishing can transform this unusable room into any type of living space that you desire. It may be the ideal solution for you if you are in need of more space in your home but a home addition is impractical or unaffordable.
A finished basement can create additional space instantly while only costing half as much as an extension. Besides it takes much less time to complete so you don’t have to wait too long to get the extra space you need.
In addition to giving you more usable space in your home, basement finishing also increases the overall value of your home substantially. Prospective buyers looking for a usable basement space are usually happy to pay more to buy a home with a finished basement rather than go through the trouble of getting it done themselves. The money you invest in a finished basement is sure to pay for itself when you are ready to sell.
We have earned a reputation in the Greater Toronto area for our flawless basement renovation expertise, outstanding customer service, and affordable rates. Call us today at (416)839-5288 for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

York Construction Company Will Help You Create A Basement You Love

Basement finishing can be a complex project, made even more challenging because of its underground placement. When finishing this space you have to take into consideration numerous factors, from proper plumbing and electrical wiring to impeccable water-proofing and temperature control measures. You cannot afford to take chances with any of these aspects, especially given the extreme temperature conditions in Canada. This is where York Construction Company can help you.

Our team of skilled experts have had vast experience with basement finishing in the Greater Toronto area. We will help you plan the basement of your dreams while making sure that we do not exceed your budget.

We are fully equipped to tackle all basement finishing aspects, from beginning to end, including but not limited to:

  • Waterproofing the walls and flooring
  • Installing mold-free flooring and walls
  • Insulating walls
  • Designing eco-friendly windows
  • Installing bright ceiling lights and other lighting according to your requirements